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Who I am

Award Winning Photographer, Editor, and Screenwriter

Paul G Newton

Some call it a curse, some call it a blessing but I just call it me. You see, original and unusual ideas fill my mind every waking hour of my life. These ideas are usually inspired from quirky thoughts I have such as “what kind of odd things has this pan seen” or “How many adventures has that Han Solo Action figure been on” and into the abyss of creativity I go. I’ve been able to translate that part of my imagination into just about everything I do. Luckily it’s worked out as I’ve won awards in several festivals, my work has been aired on Sky TV, and I even brought home an Emmy!

There isn’t anything that I love more than creating telling stories except for mentoring younger filmmakers. Through our non-profit the Arts and Entertainment Council, we teach people how to Write, Direct, Film, Act and work in the field of filmmaking. I also use my personal business, FMS (Figmeister Studios), to share my talents in film with people wanting to enter the business and help give them the experience needed to move forward with a career if they want.