Without collaboration, you can't make a movie

Making your film is not a singular effort. Everyone around you knows what makes a movie great. Make sure you listen to them.

Yes, you should work for free.

Wait, what?! Yes, if you are an actor, director, cinematographer or anyone that wants to work on a Movie or Television, you need to count your blessings that you get to work, even if it's for free. We all need to make our reels as current as we can and that means we have to work for free to get that paid gig we are working for.

Plus, you never know when that director's stuff is going to hit or who he’s trying to sell it to. Spielberg or Tom Hanks may get to see your talent sending your career into the stratosphere. Or, you can not do it and guarantee they will never get to see you shine.

Picking the best Monologue and Winning the Audition

The best monologue is the one that is the closest to your personality, so choose wisely.

Monologues are a staple of every new actors tool kit. The best way to nail that audition is to get it as close to who you are as possible when you are just beginning your career. I go over why this is the best tactic to use when starting out, but that's not the only thing you need to know. Looking behind the curtain and realizing that there are other things going on than just you reading the sides and how those are just as important to winning that role as are your acting chops.

Captain Marvel and why you need criticism more than you know.

I do a mini review of Captain Marvel and explore exactly why your script needs to be torn apart and chewed to pieces in order to be half way good.

Modern movies, Superheros, The Sony a7III and some acting theory.

Paul G Newton's thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok, The Punisher and what happened to real movies? How far can the footage from a Sony A7III be pushed? Can an actor choose the way the character is portrayed?