Sony a7III review, Night Photography and follow up on Dialogue.

The Sony A7III works better than I ever thought, Details on Raptor photography and a comparison between the Sony a77 and the a7III; just how much better is this camera? Plus a bonus screenwriting tips and tricks with an example of dialogue from CBS's TV reboot, Magnum P.I.

Captain Marvel and why you need criticism more than you know.

I do a mini review of Captain Marvel and explore exactly why your script needs to be torn apart and chewed to pieces in order to be half way good.

Dark Night of the Soul a screenwriting necessity.

The Dark Night of the Soul is an integral part of any good story. To write a good story the Dark Night of the Soul isn't just a device used by a character to get where they are going, it is the reason they get there.

This episode of the podcast is to help anyone understand just one of the many devices that are necessary to create a good screenplay, book or any story.

Modern movies, Superheros, The Sony a7III and some acting theory.

Paul G Newton's thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok, The Punisher and what happened to real movies? How far can the footage from a Sony A7III be pushed? Can an actor choose the way the character is portrayed?