Thoughts on Work

I’m thinking tonight about my future. Thinking about what can lie ahead, about my past and just how things could have turned out differently.  

See, in the past, I have always chosen the thing that seemed to be right because it will get me out of “predicaments” the fastest. I went into insurance for the money, went with the opportunities because of the money. Honestly, I had cash, and I learned to live with myself and my choice... mostly. 

There always was that nagging feeling that I wasn’t doing anything with my life and nothing was satisfying. I had a prolonged bitter taste after the sweetness left. 

This time it’s scary, just like all the times before. But this time I think I’m going to do what’s hard. It may ruin me financially, but I believe it’s going to pay off this time.  

I’m a creative. That’s where my strength lies. That’s what made me an excellent salesman and also why I can never be a great salesman. This time I’m going to run down the path instead of detouring to the field full of flowers that are beautiful in the short-term but kill me with hay fever in the long.  

If you pray, pray for me. I’m going to need it.