Five things you didn't know about me...

Thinking about my experiences today I really don’t know how I could tantalize you, the reader. Blogs are supposed to be about the exciting and creative things the author has done during the day to show the world how great they are.

Well, today was actually kind of boring. I know, I know… I am supposed to never say that on a blog because it might mean that the folks reading might get disillusioned. It’s all about the clicks, right?

So I thought that it might be interesting to write about five things you don’t know, or probably don’t know about me.


One: I hate clickbait, and I am somewhat mad at myself right now for engaging in it.

Two: I truly put myself in the shoes of other people. I may be wrong about my conclusions, but I try very hard to make sure that everything that I do has a positive impact on the person I am talking to.


Three: I was a bounty hunter in my younger days. Yes, an honest to goodness bounty hunter. I arrested three men and almost lost my sh*t the entire time I was doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t afraid, I was hyper-aware of everything that was going on. That meant I knew I was probably ruining these cats lives by bringing them in. I am older now, so I realize that their lives were already crap and they were the only one that was responsible for their predicament. I was just a symptom.

Truth be told, my right eye twitched 24/7 while I was hunting these guys down. I was smarter than them so I got everyone I was sent after, but it was absolute hell.

When I quit, when I told the bondsman that I wasn’t going to do it anymore, my eye immediately quit twitching. Thank God, cuz that sucked.

Well, almost everyone levels up.

Well, almost everyone levels up.

Four: I used to be an American Idol level singer. I know, everyone says they are that good. But I was told more than once that I was great, and not by a bunch of drunks either (they think everyone’s great). It didn’t last long though, just like everything else I tried, it got hard and I had an easier way to make money now, so I did that instead.

What I should have done… wait. life isn’t about what we should have done. It’s about what we are going to do next. Want some unsolicited advice? Ok, I will tell you anyway. Don’t run from what is hard, run toward it. You will only get better and level up.

Five: I genuinely want everyone I work with to succeed. I feel jealousy sometimes, but when I recognize it for what it is, I immediately slap my hand with a ruler. When folks around me win, I win. I win because I get to learn from them (you can too, I believe this with my entire being). They are winning, and I want to win also. Bringing them down or chastising them behind their back or to their face is actually saying more about me than them.

Failure we can learn from. Winning benefits us all. We can learn and absorb what it took to win and use it for ourselves.

Because I put myself in everyone else’s shoes, I know that they may have won, but they are just as scared and full of self-doubt as I am and you are, believe it or not.